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Guess What Comes Back?

As shows are coming to an end returning summer shows are back! Pretty Little Liars is one of them! How exciting it that. The girls are back and I hear it’s bigger and better than ever. Can’t wait to see how it unfolds. Season 3 premiere is Tuesday June 5th at 8pm. Are you excited? What are you looking forward to?


Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Promo!

Pretty Little Liars S2E25- UnmAsked

The hype for the finale was overdone. The whole cast said that we would be shocked on who A will be.

I was not one bit shocked that Mona was A. All the clues were towards her and she’s the only one that had a motive. This season has been such a letdown for me. The first season was great and then the writers went a different route with season 2 and didn’t like and all the shocking parts weren’t that shocking.

So the girls go to a hotel and it was based on the movie Psycho. They had the creepy owner and the picture of the mother and the hole in the wall. As the girls wanted to find clues on who A could be instead see that the layer was in the hotel. The girls go to the masque ball to find out exactly who A is. Ezra comes back to Rosewood and Ezria go public as he takes her mask off and then takes his off and they kiss in public. Didn’t really care for it; I’m not a big fan of Ezria and don’t think I ever will be. They are just a boring couple for me and never have anything exciting happening.

At the ball we see Jenna, Lucas, and mystery person talking and I’m guessing that Mona called Jenna on what is happening. Jenna can see and was driving and met up with Mona about to happen later that night. That there is an A team now and we know it’s not just Mona, I’m guessing the other members are Jenna, Lucas, Melissa, Noel, Alison, and Jason.

Toby finds Dr. Sullivan and brings her back. Is Toby her kid?! If not, how did he get contact with her? Spody are back together. Now there is a new mystery and that is, who killed Maya and is that really Maya who died?

Overall, the whole season was a disappointment. The writers and cast from the day they started shooting the show said that A is NOT in the same as the books. This is a total lie that it was exactly how they did it and now can expect everything be the same as the books. The only difference is that there is an A team and Mona isn’t doing it alone, as Mona kept saying ‘we’ and come join ‘us!’ I hate that we all knew it was Mona, but the writers kept saying no you’re wrong it’s not her. They made us think it could be someone else and giving us different stories.

What did you think of the season finale? Will you be watching season 3? I’m not going to be watching season 3, I really don’t like the direction the show has gone and the mystery of the whole show is ruined and it’s not interesting anymore. I do believe that this will be the last season for the show, that they really don’t have anything else to tell.

Pretty Little Liars S2E24- If These Dolls Could Talk

I was so excited for this episode that it was the episode before the finale. This was a big let down for me. I don’t know about you, but it didn’t do anything for me. It was too much of nothing and the clues for A didn’t anything this episode. Don’t get me wrong there were some interesting parts in the episode, but overall it was a disappointment.

The writers are dragging this Aria and Ezra relationship too far with her family. First it was boarding school and now Ezra is fired and leaving and they had sex. They are so boring to me and never have anything exciting happening, it’s always the same thing over and over again. I really want Aria and Jason together, even though I know it will never happen because the writers are too scared to break up Ezria or the fans will be mad. I’m mad that Spencer and Toby are still broken up, WTH they are my favorite couple and the writers broke them up. They are so much more interesting and their chemistry is not like anyone else.

Anyways, the whole doll house was a bust, surprise surprise, I wasn’t surprised at all! So the question is can Jenna see or not?! I believe she can and lied that she can’t, I mean she killed that fly and cleaned it up like better than someone who can see. She is definitely playing I can’t see, but really can. Jenna also framed Garrett on the page 5. I had a feeling after they broke up she was going to turn on him. Now Melissa thinks Spencer turned her in, but really it was Jenna. What is going on with Melissa and Garrett, are they the ones who were actually behind all this? Is that Garrett’s baby, not Ian’s?

Mona is getting more suspicious of being A only because she got a text from A saying to break up Caleb and Hanna. When Mona was in the car with Caleb she said she was jealous of Hanna to have a great guy like Caleb. Hanna got the text when he probably walked home and Mona could’ve used another phone she had. I know the writers did say A is different from the books, but after this episode it all points to Mona.

Now that Spencer also got ‘the dream’ with Alison and all of them say it felt realer than ever, does this mean Alison is alive and the writers are going through the same route of the books?! I don’t think Maya is connecting with Emily either, I believe it’s A. How would Maya know that Emily talked to her parents if she went to San Francisco?! Makes no sense. The show writers do seem like they don’t know what else to write about and instead of being creative they are going by the books now, I will be very disappointed if they do that. The show isn’t what it was in season 1.

What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy it or was it a let down?!

Pretty Little Liars S2E24 Sneak Peeks!

The last episode before the season finale! Here are the sneak peeks and also the promos!







Pretty Little Liars S2E23- Eye of the Beholder

We are getting closer and closer to A and figuring out more clues. This was a great episode, so much has happened and things are getting more tense. The whole Maya leaving and running away is insane. The email she wrote Emily was heart breaking. I wonder where she is and who she is with? I wonder did she go with her True North boyfriend and ran away with him? I hope we see her before the season ends. The storyline for it is great and hope Emily will be able to help Maya with whatever the problem or situation she is in.

I still see it weird with Mona being in the group because one day she’s sincere and the next she’s obnoxious and says whatever is on her mind. I do see it weird how the girls get threats from A all the time, but Mona only gets them once a while and hasn’t gotten anything ever since a couple of weeks ago. (Spoiler: she will get another text from A next week!)

TOBY IS BACK! Finally. You can just tell that he’s still hurt over Spencer. Spencer did end things with him in a horrible way and he has the right to treat her that way. Spencer has to tell Toby about A or some parts of A and why she had to break up with him to protect him to get him back. I hate that my favorite couple is broken up. Toby is back in Jenna’s life and helping her get around. She did get one eye surgery and we got to wait and see if she can see in her eye or if something went wrong. Toby has a minute with Hanna and he blows off Hanna as she wanted him to go talk to Spencer. I did wish Hanna told him about A or say Spencer was only protecting you from someone or you would get hurt.

Jason bringing more of Alison’s things was bigger than the girls first noticed. Of course it’s Hanna who notices and didn’t even know! Hopefully we find out more about the newspapers and what everything meant which means getting closer to A. Hanna did a lot this episode. My favorite was with Toby and also what she did for Jenna. Someone pretended to be Jason and have Jenna go to his house when Jason was actually across town. I believe it was A that did that, so we can rule out Jenna is A, but not Alison killer. Thank goodness Hanna was there just in time to save her. I liked the sincere Jenna, looks like maybe the character will finally be nice to the girls. Guess we got to wait and see on that. My question is where was her boyfriend, Noel when she was in the hospital?!

My favorite scene of the night was Ezra! He showed Byron who’s boss and who wore the pants. Ezra didn’t take the job and wanted Byron to be the first person to know. I thought it was very very brave of Ezra to do that. He is saying he isn’t backing off and that he loves Aria and will do anything for her. Byron didn’t take it well at all and looks like these two will be squaring off again very very soon! the fire hasn’t cooled off yet and I don’t think it will anytime soon. To Ella though I believe it is cooling off and will before Byron is opened to the idea.

In the end of the episode, we see A putting a badge by Jason’s house to frame someone. Who do you think it is? Wilden or Garrett’s badge? I couldn’t really tell who’s it was. What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy it? Only one episode left until the season finale and we find out who A is, how exciting?! Do you think Jenna will be able to see or the fire messed things up again for her and is blind? Or do you think that the surgery never really worked and she will always be blind?

Pretty Little Liars S2E23 Sneak Peek!

Here are 4 sneak peeks of next Mondays all new PLL at 8pm on ABCFamily! When more sneak peeks show will update, keep a look out!