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Let’s Talk: Finales

I know I’m late on doing this, but I just finished watching Homeland and want to do a finale let’s talk addition on Dexter and Homeland. I am not going to hold back on anything and saying exactly what I felt during the finale, sorry in advance if I upset you. I will begin with Dexter and then will talk about Homeland.


Dexter season finale was on point. It was one of the best finales they had in a long long time. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, trying to figure out what will happen next. Even though most of us kind of figured that Laguerta was going to die, but did anyone see Debra was going to kill her? I didn’t, I actually thought that Debra would witness Dexter killing her. What will season 8 bring? With this crazy finale anything could happen and I’m excited to see what the writers will bring. I’m not going to lie, after season 6 I was on defense if I should keep watching the show or just give up on it because the entire season 5 and 6 where just not that good, both huge let downs. When season 7 began the show did a total turn around and is better than ever. It is back to the roots, but with a twist. I’m glad Hannah didn’t die and hope she does comeback in season 8. I absolutely love Yvonne and she did an amazing job on Hannah. The only thing I didn’t like or believe was when Hannah confessed that she poisoned Debra. I still believe that Deb did that on herself to get Dexter away from Hannah.

Episode 212


Now it’s onto Homeland. For me, the finale was a drag and a huge let down. I wanted more, something that was going to be make the finale an extra push and ending with wanting more. Instead the finale bored me and was not excited about the finale. I actually thought before watching and was expecting something huge to happen, but nothing did. The whole thing about is Brody good or is he a terrorist isĀ gettingĀ old for me and I know it’s been 2 seasons, but one season he’s bad and the second half he turns good and back to bad. I know he had something to do with it, even if he didn’t move his car he knew, but didn’t do anything. The reason I say this is because when he talked to Carrie, Mike, and Dana before all this happened just showed something was off from him and something doesn’t seem right. I hope season 3 will be different and the writers do something out of the box and not re use other seasons. On another note, I do believe that Saul’s wife had something to do with it. The people in the background just look like nothing happened and the way she was talking to Saul, she was shaking like she can’t say something.


What did you guys think of the finales of these two Showtime shows?


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