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Day 10-12

I got into Grey’s Anatomy again. I stopped watching around season 4 and somehow last month got back into it. I still got a lot of episodes to go, but so far I am loving it. I forgot how great the show is. I started watching season 5 a few weeks ago. I have spoiled myself on what has happened on a few things since then and seeing how everyone is so frustrated. I do think if I should just end watching it, but I can’t stop. The actors bring there A game and the writing is great too. My favorite season is 6 though, the finale the aftermath was just great. I love that not all the relationships are either happy or anger instead it is a split on the relationships which is what we need.


Days 6-9

I didn’t do my days for a while because I wanted to put a few days together so I can do one big one. I did this because this year was more of a struggle then finding happiness and enjoying myself. This year has had a lot of negativity for me, but I will not bring it with me in the new year. I haven’t been myself and lost my ways with being positive and controlling myself. One of the hardest things in my life was I always struggled with a lot of things and this year all my hard work was not worth it. I say that because I have taken a lot of steps and each day this year felt like I was taking 10 steps back. I knew I had to change, but one thing I could not change was allowing others control my moods. I always had a big heart and wanted to help everyone in the world no matter what. Even if the person is a jerk I would still help them out even though I knew they didn’t deserve it. This was one of the biggest struggles I had this year and I had no idea how to turn off my emotions. I allowed everyone to walk all over me and at one point in my life I just stopped talking to everyone and instead of them taking advantage I was just ignoring them. Not a smart idea, but it did help me for a little bit. Something I learned a few months ago was that this year I didn’t really enjoy it because the way I thought. I didn’t change it and instead just thought it would fix itself after a few days. Now I am not allowing anything or anyone bring me down. I allowed this year to be crappy for me and allowed negative people in my life and it will not happen anymore! Everyday is a learning experience and today I am learning to let things go and just be happy!

Third Day!

Day 3: I haven’t been on trips this year as I was last year, but one city I absolutely love and one day will move to is Boston. The atmosphere, the people, the food is just amazing. Everyone talks about visiting New York, Miami, LA, and San Fran; not me. I loved New York, Chicago, and Miami, but Boston has my heart. It’s hard to explain exactly what it is that I love about Boston it’s just when I went to see it for the first time I was in awe and felt like I was home. That place was the first time for a lot of things for me. For example: first time I had beer and actually enjoyed it, bar hopped every single night, went to a cementary(yes it’s weird, but I enjoyed it), literally had beer for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and so much more. Every night I was there was a night I didn’t want to end. Waking up at 6am and going to bed by 12am was the best days of my life. Not only did I do all that, but I also went to a lot of historical places, walked at the place where our founders walked on. The history is just WOW!!!! I know about the history, but actually walking and visiting the places is breath taking. Boston is a place everyone needs to go and visit. One place that will always have my heart and I will one day live there!

Got A New Show!

I am so behind on a lot of shows and that fall finales have aired or will be soon I can catch up not only my committed shows, but also shows I haven’t seen all season. What’s worse is that I told myself I will not start a new show until next summer and I have already started a bunch of new shows. I am on my second new show I started watching not to long ago and almost starting on my third. I know it’s bad, but the weird thing is the shows I’m watching now most of them are a miss and not doing anything for me.

I have missed 3-5 episodes on quite a few shows I was keeping up with because it’s either being too predictable for me or it’s just getting boring or both. I’m not saying the show is bad, but for me it’s looking my interest. For example I am loosing interest on scandal which is weird because it’s a really good show. But for me it’s way too predictable as in I already know what will happen next. The shockers in the show are not shockers to me anymore. It’s with a lot of shows I’m not sure if I’m just bored and want something exciting to happen and it doesn’t happen. The same thing is with revenge.

These new shows though are beyond good and will talk more about them and what shows they are on my days! So keep an eye out and see what shows I’m obsessed with and what new shows I recommend.

Day 2

Day two: One of my new obsessions this year is shopping online. I rarely ever shopped online and didn’t really want to shop online just because I always thought it would be cheaper and better if I seen it in person. After a little while I decided to do a little online shopping and now I am totally obsessed with online shopping. It makes things so much easier and don’t have to make a whole lot of time to shop online. Something’s I don’t buy online just that I don’t know if it will look good on me or if in person it will look good. With Christmas around the corner that’s all I will be doing. No more hectic crazy lines, crazy people, or big crowds at the mall to shop for presents.

Day One!

It’s Back!!! Today is the first of December, which means it is the day I will start my 31 days of Life Changes. Everyday I will post anything that has changed my life, my travels, my obsessions, my new obsessions, my goals, and anything that has changed my life. This will also consist of things I am thankful for.  I also, will be creative on how to post pictures.

Day One: Something that has been a big part of my life this year is control. I have let things and people get to me. I allowed people/outcomes control my happiness and my mood for the day. I was struggling with letting things go and calming down, nothing was working for me or maybe I wasn’t trying to hard to overcome it. I have given up quite a lot and just let myself be upset or depressed as I would say “it will pass in a few days!” I know it isn’t right to throw the feelings and let things work on there own. I learned the hard way. In August, I decided to begin to get control on my happiness. No matter what nothing is always green and in life you will have struggles and challenges, but it’s how you overcome them that make you wiser. I learned what calms me down and that it walking away, catching my breath, and listening to either music or Joel Osteen. Not only do I start feeling better, but I was at my happy place where no one can bring me down. This was the first step of my getting not allowing people to have power over my life. I know I have a long way to go, but I am finally happy that I have come this far so far. Taking baby steps is what I know I can do and making sure I never fall back.

Thirty-First Day

It’s the last day of the year and only a few more hours left of the year for me that is. A lot of the world has already in the 2013 year. Well if you already hit the new year happy new year hope the year blesses you with all joy and happiness!!

One thing that has changed my life is you! With you coming to my blog and interacting with me and liking what ice been doing just makes my day! You have no idea how much each and every one of you have changed my life. Reading your posts inspired me each day and makes my day better. So thank you for being you!!! I’m so blessed I decided to do this blog and got to meet you all!!

Be safe and have a great New Years!!