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The Fosters

One new show in the summer I have been hooked on is The Fosters. it really is a different show and the writing just keeps getting better. When I seem the promo I was a little iffy on it at first. It looked good, but thought it was going to get a lot of negative reviews and get cancelled. Boy was I wrong and glad I was.

The season finale was amazing. It had joy, sadness, anger, all emotions in the finale. I do ship Callie and Brandon, but was hoping they became closer before kissing.

Lena’s parents and Stef’s mom were funny. The tension with the parents was bigger than the wedding. When Stef went to her fathers house and told him not to come if he’s not 100% for this to not even show up was so rawr and beautifully done. So amazed by this scene I had to watch it a few times.

I seen the Jude and Callie getting adopted by Lena and Stef. I’m happy for them and the second half will be difficult. Jude walked in when Callie and Brandon were making out. The things Jude said to Callie were hurtful, but he had that bottled up for sometime now. Callie deciding to leave to make Jude happy and have him a safe place to live and not be selfish. Even though running isn’t the best idea. I’m glad now we won’t see the last of Wyatt. He is such a sweetheart.

The whole Lexi storyline was bound to happen. It will effect Mariana more than Jesus. What will happen now that Callie ran away? Will they go look for her? How will Jude feel? Abandoned? What will happen to Brandon and Callie? How will he feel when he finds out she ran away? They didn’t talk after they kissed, will he think its his fault?

So many questions, I’m excited for the second half of season 1 which will be back in January! What did you think of the episode?