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My Top Shows P2

My Top Shows!

These shows (The Good Wife, Person of Interest, Orange is the New Black, Orphan Black, The Americans, Downton Abbey, Elementary) my list as the best shows of 2013 is simple the writing, the storylines, and of course the acting.

Elementary is one of those shows you keep watching and don’t realize you can’t stop watching because it is so good. This is the first show that I’m ok with having no couple to ship (even though I ship Watson and Holmes friendship).

I was skeptical if I was going to enjoy Downton Abbey as Matthew is dead. I honestly was angry and believed the show will not be the same in a bad way. So glad I was wrong as Series 4 is one of my favorites and enjoyed it very much. I am anxious to see what is next season is in store.

When I first saw the promo for The Americans I knew I was going to enjoy it and it will be my guilty pleasure. It turned from guilty pleasure to OMG I can’t stop watching the episodes to being obsessed with it. The wigs, the love/hate relationships, the kick ass ness, the spying is just superb.

Orphan Black I had no idea what was going on when I started watching the show. I didn’t read anything about the show and I was so confused to what exactly what was happening, but I didn’t want to stop watching. I was so intrigued by the third episode I was obsessed. Tatiana blows your mine as does Felix.

I knew a lot of the big time actors on Orange is the New Black so I gave the show a shot. I didn’t expect to enjoy the show as much. The writing is amazing as well as the dynamics on the show. So much storylines the show can go with also background stories. The crazy thing there isn’t one character on the show I dislike, even the ones I should dislike I love.

The most underrated show is Person of Interest. For 2 seasons this show has been consistent with no storyline that is boring or the main focus from the other storylines. It is the only show that my jaw drops every episode, the only show that doesn’t take think inside of the box, and takes chances. The writing is just wow and so is the acting. One of the best shows of 2013 without a doubt.

The show that has the number one spot for best show of 2013 is The Good Wife. After season 4 I thought the show was losing steam with boring storylines. Season 5 came with a bang is still going strong. The show is now a new beginning and kind of starting fresh, like it’s a new show with all the old characters. Not a lot of shows can do this and pull it off, but TGW did it and doing a great job at it.


My Top Shows 2013!

My Top Shows of 2013

This year the shows were either a big hit or a huge miss. A lot of my shows I decided to keep track of where a huge miss minus a few exceptions. That I don’t watch a whole lot I decided to do a top 7 in order. Check back in later today and see why these shows made my list.

  1. The Good Wife
  2. Person of Interest
  3. Orange is the New Black
  4. Orphan Black
  5. The Americans
  6. Downton Abbey
  7. Elementary


Shows So Far…

Fall season is here and that means one thing and one thing only: our favorite shows are finally back! I don’t know about you, but this is the only reason I love fall. With working over 40 hours a week and going to school on top of that is very hard for me to watch my beloved shows. The hardest thing for me is to narrow down my shows and watch a good handful of shows every week. I am finally caught up to the shows I will watch regularly and this is what I think of the shows until now. *NOTE: for Sunday 10/13//13 I did not watch The Good Wife or Revenge just yet so I will not write what I thought about the latest episode. I did already watch tonight’s Castle 10/14/13 so I will write about episode 4 on here. Let’s dive in.


I started watching this series after the first season ended this past summer. Boy am I glad I started watching this show. It has turned into one of my favorite and must see show. We ended season 1 with Holmes finding out the love of his life was actually Moarity. He got her arrested. I still feel to this day she isn’t really Moarity and instead just a pawn to someone even bigger than her, even Holmes. I sometimes wonder if the real Moarity is actually his father. Yeah, that’s a crazy theory, but for some odd reason I feel like it could be him. One he’s always busy and never sees him unless via email. Two I feel like his father hired Joan so she could keep him on the right path and keep tabs of him. This season is great so far and I can’t wait to see what is in store for the rest of the season. How do you like this season so far?


A lot of people hated how season 5 ended and also not liked how season 6 has been so far. For me, I love everything about season 6. I’ve read people not understanding this ‘dream job’ coming out of nowhere as it was never her dream job. This is how I see it, we all have a job and when an opportunity comes along to move up the latter it is a dream job. We may not have thought it, but when the opportunity knocks on your door you will go for it. That being said the storyline for D.C. for me was spot on. Reason being when an opportunity like that appears we decide quickly that it will be better when in reality the grass isn’t greener on the other side. With Beckett taking the job, she thought it would be better and it’s a great move for her, but then realizing it isn’t the job for her and why she loves being a cop. This is why I like season 6 and people who don’t see it differently than me, but if you had the same opportunity as Kate would you take it? Episode 4 was fantastic, I am not going to talk about it though, but I will say all the fans that had doubt or ready to leave watch this episode you will enjoy it a lot.

Downton Abbey

*Spoiler DO NOT read if you are waiting until February when show returns in USA!* I started watching this show in the summer (I know I’m late to the party!) and I can’t get enough of this show. The storylines and the acting is just superb. I was so angry that Matthew died; I shipped Mary and Matthew since day one. I thought series/season 4 was going to be boring and I wasn’t going to enjoy it. I was so wrong. This series/season is just as good as season 3. I love Mary with Tony and sad that she let him go. I do want Tom to be part of the family instead of always feeling like the outsider. The biggest heartbreaker is Anna, poor Anna. I’m so devastated and my heart aches for her. I really hope she tells Mary or even Bates.

Chicago Fire

I can’t enough of Chicago Fire. It first started as a guilty pleasure, but now I can’t stop watching it. It has become one of my favorite shows and a must watch. The storylines are great, some I like more than others. The only thing I want to see is Saveride and Casey to be friends or at least have each other’s back and not fight as much as they did in season 1. Even though the show is only on the second season and a lot can change, I still believe it will be a great show. I am not thrilled they already started Chicago PD. To me that’s way too soon to have a spin off. NBC should’ve waiting at least 3-4 seasons in and Chicago Fire had a good amount of viewers.

Best Drama Series


Kicking off my dream nominations with best drama series. This was hard category as I watch a lot of drama shows. I have 7 nominations and chose 2 that I would like to win. I chose by a show by it`s whole not a few episodes.


I chose this show because this season was one if the best. Each episode was jaw dropping and there were so many twists and turns that I was always wondering what will happen next. Very few shows can have a solid second season and Scandal did not disappoint. Cast and the writing was superb.

20130710-143443.jpgOrphan Black

*My Winner*

I was late on watching this show, but so glad I started watching it. It is so mind blowing. The writing is just phenomenal. The cast is just as great and Tatiana Maslany is just wow. I haven’t seen a show like this in a long time. The mystery, story telling, and how fast paste the show is just blows my mind. This show started late and probably won’t get the nomination, but it is a show that everyone should keep an eye.



One of the most underrated shows on right now. This past season was an emotional rollercoaster for me. By far one my favorite season. So much depth from relationships to new families to cancer. This season brought it all.



Wasn’t sure exactly if I would like this show as I watch a lot of crime shows, but this show surprised me. The chemistry (friendship vibe) between Sherlock and Holmes is spectacular. Very well written.


Person of Interest

One of best season 2 from any show. It`s solid, fast paste, and draws you in. This show is consistent and its very hard for me to choose a favorite episode as each one is just as good. The cast just pulls me in and never lets go.


The Good Wife

Not a solid season, but better than a lot of other shows. The writing has a lot of directions it can go and this season it chose not to go there and a lot of storylines dragged out.


The Americans

* My Winner *

Once I seen the promo for this show, I knew it was going to be just as good. The writing and characters draw you in. Each episode a small layer peals and jaw drops. The acting on each character is just superb. I definitely see this show getting nominated and even a good chance at winning.

Now it’s your turn, let me know which shows you want nominated and which to win. Leave a comment below