It’s A Disease

We all have issues, all have problems in our lives. We try our hardest to get over things, to get past the difficulties, to become stronger. But are we truly strong? When we fall what does it mean? No matter what we go through it is all some kind of disease from drugs, abuse, depression, etc. All of these are some kind of disease that each day have to overcome. Some days we are doing great and the next we are falling apart. How do we get past all of the demons, all the whispering, all the labels people put on us?

No matter where we are in life, no matter what we are doing we are fighting demons. Everyone goes through some kind of obstacle and each day we have to make that decision to not allow it to get the best of us. A lot of times we fall and don’t know how to pick up the pieces.

I have been fighting with something for a very long time, I don’t like talking about it and for a while I was okay and got over it. We somehow begin to fall though and forget how we got up the first time. For me, that’s were I am in my life. Each day is a struggle of the demons bringing me down, voices in my head telling me to just give up, but I am not allowing it to get the last word. I hate talking about my feelings and hate telling people about my problems that’s why when I see people I have the biggest smile on my face. It’s kind of weird for me when I am around people it’s like I numb my feelings and don’t have to think about things and instead be myself.

When we are alone that’s when we lose ourselves! If you are struggling with anything tell someone, getting help doesn’t make you small, it shows you want to control your own life. Never judge someone with what they are going through because it could be very hard for them even if it looks so easy for you. Remember everyone is different and instead of judging show support.


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