Pretty Little Liars S2E23- Eye of the Beholder

We are getting closer and closer to A and figuring out more clues. This was a great episode, so much has happened and things are getting more tense. The whole Maya leaving and running away is insane. The email she wrote Emily was heart breaking. I wonder where she is and who she is with? I wonder did she go with her True North boyfriend and ran away with him? I hope we see her before the season ends. The storyline for it is great and hope Emily will be able to help Maya with whatever the problem or situation she is in.

I still see it weird with Mona being in the group because one day she’s sincere and the next she’s obnoxious and says whatever is on her mind. I do see it weird how the girls get threats from A all the time, but Mona only gets them once a while and hasn’t gotten anything ever since a couple of weeks ago. (Spoiler: she will get another text from A next week!)

TOBY IS BACK! Finally. You can just tell that he’s still hurt over Spencer. Spencer did end things with him in a horrible way and he has the right to treat her that way. Spencer has to tell Toby about A or some parts of A and why she had to break up with him to protect him to get him back. I hate that my favorite couple is broken up. Toby is back in Jenna’s life and helping her get around. She did get one eye surgery and we got to wait and see if she can see in her eye or if something went wrong. Toby has a minute with Hanna and he blows off Hanna as she wanted him to go talk to Spencer. I did wish Hanna told him about A or say Spencer was only protecting you from someone or you would get hurt.

Jason bringing more of Alison’s things was bigger than the girls first noticed. Of course it’s Hanna who notices and didn’t even know! Hopefully we find out more about the newspapers and what everything meant which means getting closer to A. Hanna did a lot this episode. My favorite was with Toby and also what she did for Jenna. Someone pretended to be Jason and have Jenna go to his house when Jason was actually across town. I believe it was A that did that, so we can rule out Jenna is A, but not Alison killer. Thank goodness Hanna was there just in time to save her. I liked the sincere Jenna, looks like maybe the character will finally be nice to the girls. Guess we got to wait and see on that. My question is where was her boyfriend, Noel when she was in the hospital?!

My favorite scene of the night was Ezra! He showed Byron who’s boss and who wore the pants. Ezra didn’t take the job and wanted Byron to be the first person to know. I thought it was very very brave of Ezra to do that. He is saying he isn’t backing off and that he loves Aria and will do anything for her. Byron didn’t take it well at all and looks like these two will be squaring off again very very soon! the fire hasn’t cooled off yet and I don’t think it will anytime soon. To Ella though I believe it is cooling off and will before Byron is opened to the idea.

In the end of the episode, we see A putting a badge by Jason’s house to frame someone. Who do you think it is? Wilden or Garrett’s badge? I couldn’t really tell who’s it was. What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy it? Only one episode left until the season finale and we find out who A is, how exciting?! Do you think Jenna will be able to see or the fire messed things up again for her and is blind? Or do you think that the surgery never really worked and she will always be blind?


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