Ever Had…

Ever had a moment where you thought how your life would be different if this happened instead what actually happened? What your life would be if you decided that path instead of the one you on?

We all have had moments in our life where we think if we just changed this or if I decided this instead my life would be different. When I was younger(12-16 years old) I always thought this. I somehow convinced myself that I always picked the wrong choice and that I chose it I get punished and things will always go wrong. I’m not sure exactly why I thought that, but I don’t regret it as it has made me who I am today.

I was watching Grey’s Anatomy a month ago and I watched an episode that was named what if. The episode was basically about if something else happened in there lives what would happen. Short story in the end each character still ended up where they already are.

No matter what path we take, no matter what decision we make, we will always end up exactly were we are suppose to be. Even if we take the wrong turn, we are just taking a detour. It may take longer then expected, but we will make it. It doesn’t matter what I’ve been through and doesn’t matter what I do now because at the end of the day I am suppose to be exactly where I am in my life. Don’t ever question why something happens to you, there is a reason you may not see it now but you will soon enough! Don’t worry, stress less, have lots of fun, enjoy life, make as much time with loved ones, and tell them how much they mean to you!


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