Pretty Little Liars S2E25- UnmAsked

The hype for the finale was overdone. The whole cast said that we would be shocked on who A will be.

I was not one bit shocked that Mona was A. All the clues were towards her and she’s the only one that had a motive. This season has been such a letdown for me. The first season was great and then the writers went a different route with season 2 and didn’t like and all the shocking parts weren’t that shocking.

So the girls go to a hotel and it was based on the movie Psycho. They had the creepy owner and the picture of the mother and the hole in the wall. As the girls wanted to find clues on who A could be instead see that the layer was in the hotel. The girls go to the masque ball to find out exactly who A is. Ezra comes back to Rosewood and Ezria go public as he takes her mask off and then takes his off and they kiss in public. Didn’t really care for it; I’m not a big fan of Ezria and don’t think I ever will be. They are just a boring couple for me and never have anything exciting happening.

At the ball we see Jenna, Lucas, and mystery person talking and I’m guessing that Mona called Jenna on what is happening. Jenna can see and was driving and met up with Mona about to happen later that night. That there is an A team now and we know it’s not just Mona, I’m guessing the other members are Jenna, Lucas, Melissa, Noel, Alison, and Jason.

Toby finds Dr. Sullivan and brings her back. Is Toby her kid?! If not, how did he get contact with her? Spody are back together. Now there is a new mystery and that is, who killed Maya and is that really Maya who died?

Overall, the whole season was a disappointment. The writers and cast from the day they started shooting the show said that A is NOT in the same as the books. This is a total lie that it was exactly how they did it and now can expect everything be the same as the books. The only difference is that there is an A team and Mona isn’t doing it alone, as Mona kept saying ‘we’ and come join ‘us!’ I hate that we all knew it was Mona, but the writers kept saying no you’re wrong it’s not her. They made us think it could be someone else and giving us different stories.

What did you think of the season finale? Will you be watching season 3? I’m not going to be watching season 3, I really don’t like the direction the show has gone and the mystery of the whole show is ruined and it’s not interesting anymore. I do believe that this will be the last season for the show, that they really don’t have anything else to tell.


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