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Let’s Talk: Person Of Interest!

Want to start a new show, watch Person of Interest. It’s mind blowing!! I don’t even know where to begin with the show. One of the few shows I make sure I don’t read any spoilers. The only show that I know and watch that actually takes risks. Most shows when a main character is in danger we all know they will survive, well here you just never know.

If you haven’t watched the show and plan on to or have not caught up with the episodes I will recommend to stop reading at this point as I will talk about the latest episodes. SPOILERS!!!

When the new season started we got two new regulars which were Shaw (Sarah Shai) and Root (Amy Acker). Both were recurring characters in season 2. For me, I wanted to know more about Shaw and loved how she was, she would butt heads with Harold. As for Root, I thought that it would’ve been too much for the character to be a regular and it would’ve been better if she was a recurring guest instead that the mystery with her is great, but having too much of her would be too much. After January 7th episode I can’t wait to see more of Root and what will happen to her and Harold’s tug of war! I love when they work together because they are unstoppable, I also love when they are against each other and trying to proof which one is right. The second half of the season will be great.

When Carter passed I didn’t really know what was going to happen now that our beloved cop/detective is gone. I was really upset and thought the show might go down from here. It was the smartest choice the writers have taken only because now there is much more depth in the storylines now with mind blowing scenes. I hate watching an episode each week and like to have a few episodes to watch back to back, but then when I’m all caught up I want more. This show is the only show I watch right now that has me guessing to second guessing what is going to happen. The storylines of each character is just amazing. The only person I would like to have more of is Fusco (even though his character isn’t much needed anymore as much) would love to know more about his background even if it’s a little bit.

I really hope John and the flight attendant begin to have a relationship. I love the regulars, but I want more of Zoe Morgan (Paige Turco) and Grace Hendricks (Carrie Preston).  The different dynamics both characters bring is just superb. I love when we see Zoe and Reese work together and the tension they bring. I would love to have her back at least an episode or 2 in the last half of the season. Carrie’s character Grace I would love her to see Harold and think she is seeing things and eventually figures out he is still alive.

What do you think of this season so far? Who do you want to see back? What do you think of the new regulars so far? Are you sad about Carter? How do you feel about it now than when you first saw the episode?


PCA Awards 2014


The PCA awards were last night. I didn’t watch the award show as most award shows get me upset. With the PCA’s I just don’t care for people choice as the winners are fan based. This year though some of my favorite shows/actors won last night which makes me happy. Some of them will never get the recognition they deserve so it was a happy ending that they won an award.

One thing I hated though was the ones who got the win didn’t even get recognized as they were pushed aside and didn’t get to be on stage to thank whoever they wanted to thank. It really upset me that they did that.

Here are some I am glad they won!

Stana Katic

Even though it’s a year too late I am still happy Stana Katic won for best drama actress. She definitely deserves it. Even though season 6 isn’t great, she has made Castle and for years brought the show to the top. One of the underrated actress and it’s great to see her get recognized for her work even though cbs did the winning behind the stage which upsets me.


Great win for Josh Charles and The Good Wife no one deserves the win more then them. The second half of season 4 and season 5 have been phenomenal and it’s one of the best quality shows out there. Josh is one of the underrated actors who has been overlooked for so many years, but this season he deserves to win every category he is in.

Congrats to all the winners and who was nominated. Everyone is well deserved.

Let’s Talk: Finales

I know I’m late on doing this, but I just finished watching Homeland and want to do a finale let’s talk addition on Dexter and Homeland. I am not going to hold back on anything and saying exactly what I felt during the finale, sorry in advance if I upset you. I will begin with Dexter and then will talk about Homeland.


Dexter season finale was on point. It was one of the best finales they had in a long long time. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, trying to figure out what will happen next. Even though most of us kind of figured that Laguerta was going to die, but did anyone see Debra was going to kill her? I didn’t, I actually thought that Debra would witness Dexter killing her. What will season 8 bring? With this crazy finale anything could happen and I’m excited to see what the writers will bring. I’m not going to lie, after season 6 I was on defense if I should keep watching the show or just give up on it because the entire season 5 and 6 where just not that good, both huge let downs. When season 7 began the show did a total turn around and is better than ever. It is back to the roots, but with a twist. I’m glad Hannah didn’t die and hope she does comeback in season 8. I absolutely love Yvonne and she did an amazing job on Hannah. The only thing I didn’t like or believe was when Hannah confessed that she poisoned Debra. I still believe that Deb did that on herself to get Dexter away from Hannah.

Episode 212


Now it’s onto Homeland. For me, the finale was a drag and a huge let down. I wanted more, something that was going to be make the finale an extra push and ending with wanting more. Instead the finale bored me and was not excited about the finale. I actually thought before watching and was expecting something huge to happen, but nothing did. The whole thing about is Brody good or is he a terrorist is getting old for me and I know it’s been 2 seasons, but one season he’s bad and the second half he turns good and back to bad. I know he had something to do with it, even if he didn’t move his car he knew, but didn’t do anything. The reason I say this is because when he talked to Carrie, Mike, and Dana before all this happened just showed something was off from him and something doesn’t seem right. I hope season 3 will be different and the writers do something out of the box and not re use other seasons. On another note, I do believe that Saul’s wife had something to do with it. The people in the background just look like nothing happened and the way she was talking to Saul, she was shaking like she can’t say something.


What did you guys think of the finales of these two Showtime shows?

Let’s Talk: Castle

The episode we all have been waiting for impatiently. After no new episode last week and the fourth episode was the hamptons episode, I couldn’t wait another week with no new episode. Instead had to wait longer. I think this episode is the one that is more serious and will take us on a roller coaster. I can’t wait for this episode.

We only get a good handful episodes were we know what’s the ending is, but have no idea how we will get there and this episode is one of them. Are you worried about this episode? Do you think Beckett and Castle are going to break up?

For me, I never thought of them breaking up. The question I had was how will Beckett get him out of this. Has anyone else thought of a moment with Alexis and Beckett? It will be the first they have together as Beckett as Castle’s girlfriend. I really hope that happens, I want them to bond.

My other question is who will be there for Beckett? We know that Ryan knows, but no one else does. Will Ryan tell Beckett he knows? Will Beckett tell Lanie? Does Lanie know? I have a feeling Ryan will be there for Beckett, but also not say that he knows. Help her find a way on who did this.

Who do you think is framing Castle? When I first saw the promo my first instinct was 3XK. Last we saw him was at the hotel room before he escaped. He does have something against Castle. After thinking about it I do want it to be someone new. Someone who has it in for Castle and will do anything to get him locked up. That would be a great new mystery.

What are you looking forward to this episode? Any guesses of what might happen?

Let’s Talk: Revenge

This past episode of Revenge was insane. So much happened and I don’t know where to begin. It’s crazy how so much happened with just one hour. From seeing Emily kick ass to breaking down.

Emily was so determined to be face to face to her mother that she thought she could handle. It’s a good thing that Aiden was there to help her cope. Where is Nolan? He hasn’t been there for Emily and we barely have any screen time with these two. Hopefully that will change this week. Nolan and Padma are getting it on. I don’t know why but for me Padma is fishy. Something doesn’t add up with her and know she has something on her agenda. Do you feel the same way?

Declan’s storyline is really weak and don’t understand why they went with that storyline. The guy did all this just so they could get the bar?! I don’t like it and hope the writers change it. Jack just seems like he never catches a break, one thing after another.

The whole Fauxmanda falling and the baby survived doesn’t make sense. I couldn’t believe that Emily’s mom was at the hospital. Wonder if she will recognize Emily as Amanda. I have a feeling she won’t for a little while, but afterwards will put the pieces together and know. What do you think?

Let’s Talk: Parenthood

I finally have been caught up to Parenthood and I must say this season has not disappointed. At first I was hesitant to watch after hearing Ray Ramano was going to join the cast. I just couldn’t see him being serious and fit with the cast. Was I wrong, I love Hank and want him with Sarah. I was before this season started a shipper for Mark and Sarah. I couldn’t wait for them to get married and be together. Now I want Sarah to be with Hank.

One storyline I really like is Julia and Joel. I knew they were going to struggle especially Julia, but I love how she is now. How she put family first and didn’t care for her job because her family was more important to her. Joel is the man such a great husband. He truly has helped Julia when she was struggling. I love them as parents they are amazing.

It’s so hard for me to watch Kristina and what she is going through. I love how Adam has stepped up and taking care of everyone else and not even letting anything sink in. My favorite moment was when Adam was talking to Maddie on the phone and he held himself, but also broke down a little. The phone call was the sweetest.

This season has really went to a whole new level and I can’t wait for the new episodes. It’s just getting better and hoping for more episodes added to this season.

Let’s Talk: Person of Interest

One thing I love about this show is the constancy it has. There is not one episode where I’m not at the edge of my seat wanting more. It has this spunk that not a lot of shows have now a days. The show is already on season 2 and the storyline’s are all open ended and none have really closed besides the people that are in danger.

I’m dying to know more about Reese’s back story and when his partner will figure out that he is still alive or he knows that she is still alive. That will be an interesting thing. What will happen to Agent Snow now that he’s a puppet and can’t do anything crazy?! Does everything link to one another? Does Finch already know this and keeping it a secret?!