Pretty Little Liars S2E22- Father Knows Best

What an episode! Not a whole lot happened, but leading up to next episode it looks good. A lot of secrets of Mr. Hastings came out, but only half of the secret. Why was he so worried about Melissa sending threats to Alison?! Is Melissa A? And A stole his gun that he had, I have a theory on that and it’s not good. Did A kidnap Maya and shoot her?! That’s what I’m thinking happened, hoping it isn’t.

Ashley going to Wilden for help on what is going on with Hanna is a wrong move! I think it is, do you? I have a feeling he will go to Garrett and that’s a bad move, could get messy.

Emily missing the call from Maya was heartbreaking, hope she hears from her soon. And her dad leaving that’s sad! Does this mean her mama is coming back to Rosewood?!

I like that the moms are finally talking to one another, but don’t see it coming out good. Especially that A was right there when Ella and Ashely were talking to each other about A.

At the dance, Spencer sees a person on a motorcycle and thinks its Toby, but I believe it was A and not Toby. I guess we will find out soon. I can’t wait for Toby to finally comeback. I was disappointed in the Melissa and Spencer talking in the car. I always thought it would be more when Melissa needed to talk to Spencer so bad. It was a big let down and hated how Spencer didn’t ask her anything which was a pointless scene. Spencer needs to ask questions and stop holding back.

I love Mike! Playing both sides and trying to have everyone open up and be okay again. I think by the finale Byron will open up to Aria and Ezra.

The last 5 minutes were the best of the whole episode. Who was that guy that knew Vivian?! And is A more than one person? Who knows, but next episode looks like we will get closer to that.

Did you enjoy the episode? What do you think will happen next?


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