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When Baby Daddy season 2 started it was great. It seemed like they were going in one direction and sticking with it. The episodes were just great, but the last few and what’s ahead are just lame and dumb. I have no idea what the writers are doing, but I’m really hating it and ready to dump the show.

I hate that they keep going back and forth with Riley/Ben. They have no chemistry and honestly I can’t see Ben being good to Riley as he needs to grow up that he has a child. I thought we were done with them and they will just be friends, but I was wrong.

I like Riley with Danny. He’s in love with her and actually treats her right. Yea he has a lot of growing up to do, but he doesn’t do a lot of crazy shit.

I just don’t get how the first few episodes it was all about Riley and Danny and now they don’t even have a scene alone together anymore. The writers need to change it up and need to fix it or I’m not going to watch it anymore. The reason I say this is the show gets me angry as the direction it is going with.

I know I’m not the only one!