Great Things Coming!

I have some great things coming to this blog, but will take me a little time to get all together. It’s going to be great. This will be under construction until I have it all set up.

I also will have great things happening on my second blog. I am going to work on both blogs, but this one will need more work. My advice and none television will go to my second blog from now on.

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I finally have found my camera and have been thinking of maybe doing video blogs of my shows and what I think of the episode (when I watch the episode). Still debating if I should do this or not. Give me your feedback on it. It’s just an idea.

It’s A Disease

We all have issues, all have problems in our lives. We try our hardest to get over things, to get past the difficulties, to become stronger. But are we truly strong? When we fall what does it mean? No matter what we go through it is all some kind of disease from drugs, abuse, depression, etc. All of these are some kind of disease that each day have to overcome. Some days we are doing great and the next we are falling apart. How do we get past all of the demons, all the whispering, all the labels people put on us?

No matter where we are in life, no matter what we are doing we are fighting demons. Everyone goes through some kind of obstacle and each day we have to make that decision to not allow it to get the best of us. A lot of times we fall and don’t know how to pick up the pieces.

I have been fighting with something for a very long time, I don’t like talking about it and for a while I was okay and got over it. We somehow begin to fall though and forget how we got up the first time. For me, that’s were I am in my life. Each day is a struggle of the demons bringing me down, voices in my head telling me to just give up, but I am not allowing it to get the last word. I hate talking about my feelings and hate telling people about my problems that’s why when I see people I have the biggest smile on my face. It’s kind of weird for me when I am around people it’s like I numb my feelings and don’t have to think about things and instead be myself.

When we are alone that’s when we lose ourselves! If you are struggling with anything tell someone, getting help doesn’t make you small, it shows you want to control your own life. Never judge someone with what they are going through because it could be very hard for them even if it looks so easy for you. Remember everyone is different and instead of judging show support.

Ever Had…

Ever had a moment where you thought how your life would be different if this happened instead what actually happened? What your life would be if you decided that path instead of the one you on?

We all have had moments in our life where we think if we just changed this or if I decided this instead my life would be different. When I was younger(12-16 years old) I always thought this. I somehow convinced myself that I always picked the wrong choice and that I chose it I get punished and things will always go wrong. I’m not sure exactly why I thought that, but I don’t regret it as it has made me who I am today.

I was watching Grey’s Anatomy a month ago and I watched an episode that was named what if. The episode was basically about if something else happened in there lives what would happen. Short story in the end each character still ended up where they already are.

No matter what path we take, no matter what decision we make, we will always end up exactly were we are suppose to be. Even if we take the wrong turn, we are just taking a detour. It may take longer then expected, but we will make it. It doesn’t matter what I’ve been through and doesn’t matter what I do now because at the end of the day I am suppose to be exactly where I am in my life. Don’t ever question why something happens to you, there is a reason you may not see it now but you will soon enough! Don’t worry, stress less, have lots of fun, enjoy life, make as much time with loved ones, and tell them how much they mean to you!

Great Idea!

For the last few weeks I have been thinking of ways to help or do surprises for others without them knowing. I use to do this all the time and it felt so good to see smiles on peoples faces and seeing the great reactions form people. I wanted to do more. I didn’t know exactly  how until I saw a few posts on Facebook. I liked the idea, but not for Facebook. Instead I am going to use it on my Instagram and this blog. This is how it works…

To start this year off in a loving way I’m participating in this Pay-It-Forward initiative. The first 5 people to comment on this status with “I’m In” will receive a surprise from me at some point this calendar year – anything from a book, something homemade, a postcard, absolutely any kind of surprise! There will be no warning and it will happen when the mood comes over me and I find something that I believe would suit you and make you happy. Let’s do more nice and loving things for each other in 2014, without any reason other than to make your life more enjoyable. Here’s to a more enjoyable and love filled year. If I don’t have your mailing address I will message you to get that info. Good luck to the first 5.

I love this idea so much and each year I will do this. If you also want to start this you can copy and paste it. Let’s spread love and stop the hate. Hate gives us just as much energy to give love, so why hate?

Let’s Talk: The Good Wife

One of the most talked show this season is The Good Wife and I don’t blame them. The show had always been the quality show with great writing and great acting with superb guest stars, but this season tops the cake. Season 4 was good, but a lot of storylines were sloppy and some characters turned for the worse. The last half of the season though kicked in high gear and the storylines hit the gas pedal and didn’t stop. I thought to myself finally the show that I fell inlove with is back. With season 5 half way done, winter hiatus, I thought it would be great what I think of the season so far and the grade I give the show.

With this season I didn’t know how far the writers were going to go or better yet what will happen. After the first half of the season is done I didn’t expect any of this to happen or be this good. Most shows lose steam after a few seasons and being on the fifth season I thought for sure it was done. Instead it became this new series, but with the same people in it, well that’s what it feels like to me and I love it. The storylines are so well written and it isn’t where there is too much happening or too many storylines that it’s hard to keep track of them.

One storyline I can’t wait to see more of is Kalinda’s storyline and what kind of role she will be playing now that she and Cary are ok again. I definitely don’t want them to be in a relationship, but rather a friendship. I wish there were more scenes with Kalinda and Alicia which would be very interesting now that they are on opposing sides. I do want more Diane and Alicia scenes and also want them to become friends again as Alicia did look up to Diane. Will and Alicia are going to break, I love this tension between them, but it is a matter of time before one or both breaks and they just kiss each other.

The storyline I have been waiting for and excited that it is coming up is the votes for the governor ship. I am hoping that Alicia leaves Peter and finds out that Will has known all along and gets angry with him. They both argue at each other, but then stop and talk calmly. They stare are each other for a minute in silence and Diane interrupts them as they are working together on this! By the end of the episode they realize it is better if they work together then always battling each other in court.

These are some of my predications of what I would like to happen the second half of season 5, what are yours? What do you think will happen? Do you think Florrick/Agos & Assoc. can work with Lockhart/Gardner? What do you think will happen to Will and Alicia with all the tension? Are you excited for the second half to focus more on Kalinda?