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Best Drama Series


Kicking off my dream nominations with best drama series. This was hard category as I watch a lot of drama shows. I have 7 nominations and chose 2 that I would like to win. I chose by a show by it`s whole not a few episodes.


I chose this show because this season was one if the best. Each episode was jaw dropping and there were so many twists and turns that I was always wondering what will happen next. Very few shows can have a solid second season and Scandal did not disappoint. Cast and the writing was superb.

20130710-143443.jpgOrphan Black

*My Winner*

I was late on watching this show, but so glad I started watching it. It is so mind blowing. The writing is just phenomenal. The cast is just as great and Tatiana Maslany is just wow. I haven’t seen a show like this in a long time. The mystery, story telling, and how fast paste the show is just blows my mind. This show started late and probably won’t get the nomination, but it is a show that everyone should keep an eye.



One of the most underrated shows on right now. This past season was an emotional rollercoaster for me. By far one my favorite season. So much depth from relationships to new families to cancer. This season brought it all.



Wasn’t sure exactly if I would like this show as I watch a lot of crime shows, but this show surprised me. The chemistry (friendship vibe) between Sherlock and Holmes is spectacular. Very well written.


Person of Interest

One of best season 2 from any show. It`s solid, fast paste, and draws you in. This show is consistent and its very hard for me to choose a favorite episode as each one is just as good. The cast just pulls me in and never lets go.


The Good Wife

Not a solid season, but better than a lot of other shows. The writing has a lot of directions it can go and this season it chose not to go there and a lot of storylines dragged out.


The Americans

* My Winner *

Once I seen the promo for this show, I knew it was going to be just as good. The writing and characters draw you in. Each episode a small layer peals and jaw drops. The acting on each character is just superb. I definitely see this show getting nominated and even a good chance at winning.

Now it’s your turn, let me know which shows you want nominated and which to win. Leave a comment below


Couple Breaking Up!

Ever since I’ve seen this I’ve been wondering who it could be. I’m hoping its not one of my favorite couples breaking up!

Link to what I’m talking about


Here’s my theory:

The ones I’m ruling out are Grey’s Anatomy, that the show runner (Shonda Rhimes) had tweeted that she is not breaking those couples up.

I’m also ruling out both Parenthood couples. Joel and Julia worked things out and from the finale promo looks like they will adopt. Adam and Kristina are not going to break up especially after everything Kristina has been through.

That already rules out 4 couples which means there are 5 left.

I don’t watch Nikita so I can’t way on this show. I do hear that the show is on it’s final straw, but that could be rumors.

There is Once Upon A Time, Snow and Charming. Even though last episode it showed that maybe something will happen. To me I don’t see it being them because I don’t see the show ending next season.

Now to The Good Wife, Peter and Alicia. Can someone tell me that they have a fanbase and are together?! Last I checked they were only sleeping with each other and not a couple. Majority of people I know don’t like them together. So I don’t think it’s them, I would be happy if it is.

Next on the list is Castle. This could happen and I would be devastated if they did break up. They have a huge fan base for this couple. The only few problems I have with this are that Andrew Marlowe (the writer/creator) stated in the beginning of the season that its a new beginning to the show like its brand new and if they break them up then they would be going backwards. Second he also stated that he will not have them be the break up/make up kind of couple and they will stay together. Lastly, I haven’t read anywhere that Castle is going on its final season nor will the show help if they broke them up.

The last show is Bones. I stopped watching the show after the 7th season. I wouldn’t be surprised if they broke up, even though they would be back together. Even though the show has been renewed already, it still doesn’t have them save that it could be the final season.

I’m more convinced that it is going to be Bones or Nikita. Which show are you guessing it is?