Let’s Talk: The Good Wife

One of the most talked show this season is The Good Wife and I don’t blame them. The show had always been the quality show with great writing and great acting with superb guest stars, but this season tops the cake. Season 4 was good, but a lot of storylines were sloppy and some characters turned for the worse. The last half of the season though kicked in high gear and the storylines hit the gas pedal and didn’t stop. I thought to myself finally the show that I fell inlove with is back. With season 5 half way done, winter hiatus, I thought it would be great what I think of the season so far and the grade I give the show.

With this season I didn’t know how far the writers were going to go or better yet what will happen. After the first half of the season is done I didn’t expect any of this to happen or be this good. Most shows lose steam after a few seasons and being on the fifth season I thought for sure it was done. Instead it became this new series, but with the same people in it, well that’s what it feels like to me and I love it. The storylines are so well written and it isn’t where there is too much happening or too many storylines that it’s hard to keep track of them.

One storyline I can’t wait to see more of is Kalinda’s storyline and what kind of role she will be playing now that she and Cary are ok again. I definitely don’t want them to be in a relationship, but rather a friendship. I wish there were more scenes with Kalinda and Alicia which would be very interesting now that they are on opposing sides. I do want more Diane and Alicia scenes and also want them to become friends again as Alicia did look up to Diane. Will and Alicia are going to break, I love this tension between them, but it is a matter of time before one or both breaks and they just kiss each other.

The storyline I have been waiting for and excited that it is coming up is the votes for the governor ship. I am hoping that Alicia leaves Peter and finds out that Will has known all along and gets angry with him. They both argue at each other, but then stop and talk calmly. They stare are each other for a minute in silence and Diane interrupts them as they are working together on this! By the end of the episode they realize it is better if they work together then always battling each other in court.

These are some of my predications of what I would like to happen the second half of season 5, what are yours? What do you think will happen? Do you think Florrick/Agos & Assoc. can work with Lockhart/Gardner? What do you think will happen to Will and Alicia with all the tension? Are you excited for the second half to focus more on Kalinda?


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