Happy New Year!!

2013 had its ups and down. Came and left so quickly. My favorite moments are being with my family like coming home from work in the summer time and seeing my cousin just chilling on my bed to family dinners to scaring my sista every 5 seconds to picking up my sista from the airport. 2013 was an okay year and I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for me. I’m so blessed and grateful to be here and see what happens next.

Every year we make resolutions that we can’t keep. I never make them until recently I have been thinking instead of always saying “new year new me or I’m going to start working out” which only last a week, I will say something that I will follow and set goals. So this year something I am going to do is work on not allowing negative people get to me. It will be tough that a lot of people are negative to world and others, but I will not allow it to face me. I will stand up to people and be positive. What is your New Years resolution?


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