We all have people in our lives that are negative. They are either angry about the world, their own lives, or they will do anything to bring you down to their misery. No matter what in life we will always have people like this. They are everywhere and sometimes we don’t notice it until it’s too late to do anything about it. How do we get past this? How do we avoid the negativity in this world? It is simple, but harder than it sounds. You need the mindset, physically and mentally you need to be on the right path.

Anyone and everyone will do anything they can to bring you down as they are down. That they are unhappy, they have to make sure everyone else around them are just as miserable as they are. More than half the time we don’t even notice when a person is being negative until a few weeks or even months later, then you begin to notice you are doing the same thing. When you hang out with someone for a long period of time you begin to act like them and think the way they think. We never notice it until someone different comes in our lives and you notice how you think is differently from the person you have been around for a period of time.

One of the hardest things is seeing someone you care about start to become a horrible person. A family member you have been close with for years and grew closer then someone comes back into their lives and within months you notice this person you care about is not the same person anymore. What do you do? You can’t stand being around them because the way they speak to you and everyone else is rude and obnoxious. You don’t want to cut them off, but that is the only option. One of the hardest things in life is when someone so close to you starts to become a stranger as you grow apart. Sometimes you can’t really do anything about it and just let it be, hoping someday you will become close again.

No matter what in life someone will be negative towards you, your career, what you are doing, what you want to. These people will not stop and all you have to do is brush it off and not allow them to get the best of you. It may suck especially if you are close with this/ person/people, but you need to think of yourself and make sure you are happy where you are going and happy with your life. Never allow someone define you! Never allow someone stop you from being the best you can ever be! Follow your dreams no matter what anyone says to you.


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