How To Stay Strong…

How do you stay strong on something you believe and everyone around you throws it in your face? What do you do when someone tells you your not good enough or your an idiot for doing that or that what your doing is effecting their own life and your ruining them? What are you suppose to do? Run and hide, stop what your doing, do what makes everyone happy, stop believing and give up?!

Everyone around you will put you down no matter what. When you change something in your life and someone doesn’t agree with you will do everything in their power to put you down. Sometimes it’s a family member, a friend, your loved one. You need to remember life is too short and you can’t always make everyone happy. The only thing you can do is make yourself happy and make sure you are always.

People are vicious and cruel they will do anything to get you down to satisfy themselves. Those people are the worst and even though you love them and care for them there opinions are there opinions. Never allow someone to question what you believe in, what you stand up for because they don’t. When you change something in your life and have no support system for your loved ones, you need to find it from somewhere else.

If you don’t you will go back to the way you were and be miserable again. Don’t ever stoop to anyone level. Be yourself and never give up on your dreams. There will be times were it will be a challenge and times it will be easy. Don’t let the challenges get the best of you! Step back and remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. You have your own back remember that!


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