Days 6-9

I didn’t do my days for a while because I wanted to put a few days together so I can do one big one. I did this because this year was more of a struggle then finding happiness and enjoying myself. This year has had a lot of negativity for me, but I will not bring it with me in the new year. I haven’t been myself and lost my ways with being positive and controlling myself. One of the hardest things in my life was I always struggled with a lot of things and this year all my hard work was not worth it. I say that because I have taken a lot of steps and each day this year felt like I was taking 10 steps back. I knew I had to change, but one thing I could not change was allowing others control my moods. I always had a big heart and wanted to help everyone in the world no matter what. Even if the person is a jerk I would still help them out even though I knew they didn’t deserve it. This was one of the biggest struggles I had this year and I had no idea how to turn off my emotions. I allowed everyone to walk all over me and at one point in my life I just stopped talking to everyone and instead of them taking advantage I was just ignoring them. Not a smart idea, but it did help me for a little bit. Something I learned a few months ago was that this year I didn’t really enjoy it because the way I thought. I didn’t change it and instead just thought it would fix itself after a few days. Now I am not allowing anything or anyone bring me down. I allowed this year to be crappy for me and allowed negative people in my life and it will not happen anymore! Everyday is a learning experience and today I am learning to let things go and just be happy!


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