What Is Happening?!

What is going on with this world? What is going on with this generation? These drugs? Things are getting worse and worse with this world. Not just the people, but the world as a whole. This is not the life we are suppose to live, there is so much sin going on. It sickens me to see how this generation acts. Not only this generation, but it seems like it is happening to everyone. We have all these influences from television, music, artists, etc. that kids are acting out. Parents are not even parents as they are still kids, yet are raising children of their own. People who can’t take care of their  own or support themselves bring in a life and not parent them. I’m not talking about young parents who do raise their children and teach them from right and wrong. I am talking about parents and kids who are acting out. These days kids are either dying, doing drugs, acting tough, killing, stealing, etc. Yet who is to blame? Parents are suppose to protect, teach morals, give life lessons to kids and yet none do now a days. It baffles me with everything that I see. We all have been at that age were we want to be cool and fit in, but not this. Kids are so disrespectful and cruel. They act like they are 30, but are really act like they are 7. Kids have no morals towards anyone! What is going on with this world? People need to stop being mean, cruel, selfish and actually be a good person.


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