That Feeling

When things get tough, everything seems to be falling apart one by one. Not knowing exactly what to do, where to turn, or why it’s happening now?! That moment when everything seems like it’s going good, but you know something is about to happen and not sure when the other shoe is about to drop. What do you do? Do you just wait? Shake the feeling off? Start a war? Be prepared? Vent to someone?

Life isn’t always peachy. Things don’t always go right sometimes they make a turn. Are you ready for that? When things get tough sometimes your not sure what to do. Always questioning what move you will take, knowing what to do next time, or letting others know you will be venting soon. We all have ways to vent, ways to tackle stress when it comes our way, ways to prevent something getting you in a downward spiral. Are you prepared?

I know I’m not. I never am. I don’t have that many friends and frankly I don’t trust anyone truly to talk about my feelings. I don’t mean it as I don’t trust anyone, but I hate talking about my feelings and don’t think anyone will understand me fully. I always bottle things up and either listen to music or watch a new tv show. I become anti-social and stay home pretty much all the time besides going to work. I make sure no one knows I’m sad or depressed and instead tell them I’m great and I am a bit stressed, but I’m handling it. It’s really bad and I need to work on it, but how can I?! Every time I make a new friend it’s either they always talk about their own problems and never want to hear mine or they walk out of my life after a few months. Sometimes I believe I am a boring person or I’m just annoying. I’m not to sure what it is, but it sucks. Seeing everyone have friends and relationships with others just saddens me that I don’t have that with anyone. No one has the same values, things in common, or anything interests. I sometimes wish I could meet someone who understands me and will always be there for me. I maybe overthinking it, but that’s life. Getting over things within time as days go by and I will be fine and yet the same feeling will arise again in a few weeks or months.

We all have stories and people who surround us with positivity. Sometimes they are not there and you deal with things on your own. We need to learn to be our number one support system instead of looking for someone else to be it. Believe in yourself!


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