Something I Realized…..

This year hasn’t been that amazing as 2012 was. I was working a lot and was either stressed out, angry, or exhausted. With 2013 coming to a close and 2014 is here, I was reflecting on what the year offered and what was I slacking on. I noticed one thing that I miss doing is blogging and how much joy it brought to me. Working so many hours and going to school is no excuse, it won’t be anymore. Starting today I will be blogging once a day, at any time there will be a new post on anything from my life, my shows, new shows, music, etc. I am making this commitment just as I have a commitment with school and work. This will be like a job for me in some way.

Something I will do again this month is every day (not included from the paragraph above) is do another thankful each day. I know I missed a day as yesterday was the first, but I will do two for today so I can be caught up.

I also have been thinking of doing vines, but still debating if I should. I will keep you posted on that.

My ideas on blogging haven’t changed as they were just put on hold as I had a lot on my plate, but with a year in being a manager and I believe I finally got things settled (sort of) I can comeback with full force.

I will post promos again for each show once they comeback in January-March. I will try my hardest to do review and Let’s Talk.

Thank you everyone who still follows me or has followed me! You inspire me everyday. I know my writing is not that great, but I have a lot to say. Have a great Monday!


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