Got A New Show!

I am so behind on a lot of shows and that fall finales have aired or will be soon I can catch up not only my committed shows, but also shows I haven’t seen all season. What’s worse is that I told myself I will not start a new show until next summer and I have already started a bunch of new shows. I am on my second new show I started watching not to long ago and almost starting on my third. I know it’s bad, but the weird thing is the shows I’m watching now most of them are a miss and not doing anything for me.

I have missed 3-5 episodes on quite a few shows I was keeping up with because it’s either being too predictable for me or it’s just getting boring or both. I’m not saying the show is bad, but for me it’s looking my interest. For example I am loosing interest on scandal which is weird because it’s a really good show. But for me it’s way too predictable as in I already know what will happen next. The shockers in the show are not shockers to me anymore. It’s with a lot of shows I’m not sure if I’m just bored and want something exciting to happen and it doesn’t happen. The same thing is with revenge.

These new shows though are beyond good and will talk more about them and what shows they are on my days! So keep an eye out and see what shows I’m obsessed with and what new shows I recommend.


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