Day One!

It’s Back!!! Today is the first of December, which means it is the day I will start my 31 days of Life Changes. Everyday I will post anything that has changed my life, my travels, my obsessions, my new obsessions, my goals, and anything that has changed my life. This will also consist of things I am thankful for.  I also, will be creative on how to post pictures.

Day One: Something that has been a big part of my life this year is control. I have let things and people get to me. I allowed people/outcomes control my happiness and my mood for the day. I was struggling with letting things go and calming down, nothing was working for me or maybe I wasn’t trying to hard to overcome it. I have given up quite a lot and just let myself be upset or depressed as I would say “it will pass in a few days!” I know it isn’t right to throw the feelings and let things work on there own. I learned the hard way. In August, I decided to begin to get control on my happiness. No matter what nothing is always green and in life you will have struggles and challenges, but it’s how you overcome them that make you wiser. I learned what calms me down and that it walking away, catching my breath, and listening to either music or Joel Osteen. Not only do I start feeling better, but I was at my happy place where no one can bring me down. This was the first step of my getting not allowing people to have power over my life. I know I have a long way to go, but I am finally happy that I have come this far so far. Taking baby steps is what I know I can do and making sure I never fall back.


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