I started watching Glee about a month ago or so. I never got into it when it first came out, but after watching one episode I was hooked. I finished the first 3 seasons in 2 weeks. They are my favorite seasons. I’m still catching up, have about 5 episodes left. With my favorite characters gone in season 4 it’s been really hard for me to watch the episodes. I skip all Lima newbies and just watch the New York parts.

With season 4 the show should’ve focused on New York and left Lima. Rachel, Santana, and Kurt are my favorite characters and hate how they barely get screen time. I still keep up with what is happening to the show now and the writer said 2 things that one I don’t get and the second why he has put off on it. He said that Rachel is the star of the show. If she’s the star she shouldn’t only get 10 min of screen time the entire one hour show. The second is why are they still at Lima?! The 2.0’s are blah and can’t do anything or even have powerful voices. The glee club is done and time to move on.

What I think the writers need to do for the rest of season 5 and season 6(final season) is pretty simple. Before the show goes on hiatus in December finish the storyline at Lima. Have the seniors graduate and finish it off there. Have Blaine move to New York. When the second have of season 5 comes back somehow get Mercedes move to New York. It can go something like her manager found her a gig to a sing solo at a pub and a big time recording name is there and signs her, have her move to New York to start recording her album.

Then have Kurt, Blaine, and Mercedes get an apartment near Rachel and Santana’s apartment. Then the rest of season 6 focuses on them making it big, but also sticking together and being a family. Also, they can get Santana walking home from her job singing and someone big in the music industry hears here and gets her to feature in a song with her and becomes pretty big.

It’s a great way to end the series and just so much better than Lima. What do you think of what should happen on Glee? Give me your thoughts.


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