School and Work!

Hello world! It’s been a long time, craziness happening here. Working full time as usual, managing/running a hotel takes a lot of my time now a days. And going to school on top of that is even tougher. The fall season has begun  and I am already behind quite a few of my shows. So instead of trying to watch every show every week, I have decided to dedicate myself on only a few shows. They are only a few of them that I will watch regularly and the rest I will watch whenever I get a chance to.  It was very hard for me to choose which show I want to watch and which show I should leave behind as I have a lot of favorites, but after sitting and thinking about all the factors I have decided which shows I will watch regularly and which ones will have to wait. These shows include: Castle, New Girl, Person of Interest, 2 Broke Girls. Chicago Fire. The Big Bang Theory, Scandal, Revenge, The Good Wife, and Downton Abbey. All new shows I will not be watching now as I don’t have a lot of space for them. With these 10 shows I will try my hardest to do reviews and what I thought of each episode, what I want to happen as to what will happen, and any spoilers. I know Downton Abbey will not air until 2014 on PBS as I am watching it online now from the UK (it is currently airing in the UK). If you do not want any spoilers on Downton I recommend you not to read when I post after an episode.


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