My Music!

I love listening to people who have amazing lyrics and emotion. I listen to a variety of music and the past few years I haven’t been listening to what everyone else listens to, I listen to artist who everyone listens to. I do listen to some, but more listen to someone no one knows.

The Veronicas- I have been listening to The Veronicas since there the secret life album came out(2005) in Australia. They are just amazing. I don’t have words how great they are. Their voice is one of the best; also the emotion in their voice in every song is just breath taking. Check them out:

Jessie J- One of the most underrated artist out here. She is so talented and has such a beautiful voice. I heard of her from her hit song Pricetag and fell in love with her voice. Once I heard that song, I looked up other songs and the rest is history. I’m super excited for her second album coming out soon in the UK, can’t wait for US version to come out. Check her out:

There are plenty of other artists who I listen to and will be posting them later on. If  you have an artist/band that isn’t big please send them my way! Love listening to new music!


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