Necessary Roughness

We are well over the first half of season 3 with Necessary Roughness and there are a lot of changes that have happened. I was kind if anxious with how this season was going to be. It has it’s highs and lows, pointless story lines, and lots of will they won’t they.

I used to ship Matt and Dani the first and part of second season. The second half of season 2 the writers turned Matt into a douche and I couldn’t stand him. Ever since Nico and Dani happened I ship them. They are my favorite. They work so well together and also have so much chemistry. I’m so glad that they are finally on the same page and working undercover together. I know it’s going to take Nico a long while to trust someone fully, but when he’s with Dani he just is different. I can’t wait to see where the summer finale will take us with them.

The new atmosphere and new story lines on V3 I kind of don’t care for it as it isn’t as interesting as I thought it would be. John Stamos is amazing though, but the writing isn’t great. I don’t know what about it, but the whole scandal and secrets I can careless about it. The only new character I like is Dani’s assistant Paloma. Which is odd usually people wouldn’t care for her, but for me I see a lot of potential from and can do a lot of damage when/if she will help Dani and Nico.

What happened to TK?! He’s so soft and just not liking it. He went through a lot of milestones and now back to his own ways and who is this chick?! He’s inlove and engaged with the girl. That’s great, but in all honesty there is something about her. I’m not sure if she’s using him for his money or to get famous. I feel like it’s both. I mean when he told her that his career is over she had this look like she just got screwed.

What do you think of the season so far? Loving it or hating it?


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