Which Show Are You Excited to be Back?

Fall is around the corner which means fall shows are almost here. Which ones are you most excited about? Which ones are you least excited about? And which have you already dropped?

There are quite a few shows I’m excited to comeback and a few not so much. I’m going to do it by network.

Lets start with CBS:

What I’m excited about;
2 Broke girls– I can’t wait to see what Max and Caroline will do this season and how the drive by cupcake shop will do.

Person of Interest never a dull season and where they left off in the finale I’m dying to know what happens next. Can’t wait for the new regulars.

The Good Wife
I can’t wait to see what the new season will bring, but not as excited. Last season was all over the place for me and hate the idea of Alicia and Peter being together. Maybe this season they will change it around and be strong again.

So excited for season 2. With Joan and Holmes going to London and how season 1 ended can’t wait for the new season.

Now on to NBC

I only watch one show on NBC and its parenthood. One of my favorite shows. Last season was so good and can’t wait for the new season. What new challenges the family will bring and where everyone will be.

On to FOX

New Girl
As I only watch new girl on fox. I am excited for the new season. ESP how strong season 2 was. I believe season 2 was better than season 1.

Now on to ABC

Season 5 ended in a place I was confused on, but hoping season 6 shows us something different and a little better storylines.

Season 2 was on point and excited to see where season 3 will take us. I do believe this show would be better with 13 episodes a season than 22-24. Reason being it is so fast paste that there shouldn’t be storylines that are pointless.

These are the shows I’m excited to comeback. There are a few shows I am not excited about that the past season messed everything up, but still will watch and see if it will get better. What shows are you excited to come back?



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