United States of Tara

Ever since I got prime on amazon I started watching new shows that I haven’t seen yet. The one show I started watching is United States of Tara. The show was cancelled after 3 seasons by SHOWTIME. I was intrigued by the show and finished the series in 5 days. The show was great, only had a few problems.

The one thing I didn’t get was how was it a comedy?! I barely laughed, to me it was more of a drama kind of show. That was my main problem with the show. The way the show ended fit perfectly for a series finale. The only thing missing is what happened 5-10 years later and that would be a wrap.

Toni (Tara, T, Alice, Buck, Bryce, etc) was fantastic playing more than one character is a challenge. I finally understood a lot of people comparing Tatiana for Toni. In my opinion though I see them in two different categories. Reason behind it is that with Toni’s character I already knew it was her that she has multiple personalities, but with Tatiana it is totally different. All the characters are different and not related which makes me love Tatiana even more. Don’t get me wrong Toni was fantastic playing at playing all the different personalities.

The show is so different and don’t see shows talking about disorders like this and it was refreshing. I would’ve liked another character come and have a different disorder. For me all three seasons were the same except a little different but other than that the same.


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