Something I Realized

I have been wondering why all of a sudden I have been this down. I noticed I have been for a while, but always pushed my feelings aside. I started watching television shows and went into a world where I didn’t have to get hurt. As I did I started to feel better as shows made me feel better. I also began finding myself and find a passion. As in blogging, it brought to realize how much I love to blog. I have an intensity of holding my feelings and not letting my feelings out and with blogging it helped me a lot. Then real life for in the way and instead of blogging I was tweeting, which didn’t help. So instead of tweeting my problems I am going to blog again because that makes me happy.

I’m still debating if I should keep my Twitter or just delete it, but I do know I am going to start writing again and blogging. As I’m searching for my happiness, I know one thing an  that is blogging makes me happy and I’m not going to stop blogging for a long period of time anymore.


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