Best Actress and Best Actor in a Drama Series

For best actress in a Drama series my votes are between 4 amazing actresses with 2 who I believe should win.

My first is Emmy Rossum. Every season she kills it as Fiona on Shameless, but season 3 I believe she just blew it out of the park. Emmy needs to get nominated for an Emmy year, she definitely deserves it.

Kerry Washington made Scandal this season. Her acting is just superb. Her facial expressions are just as good.

Keri Russell

* Winner *

Once I seen the promo for The Americans I knew Keri was the reason I wanted to watch the series. She just killed it at every episode. She made wigs look good. She has a great chance at winning. Even though it’s only the first season, she brought it.

Tatiana Maslany

* Winner *

No one deserves to win this award more than Tatiana. Is it possible to have 6 slots for nominations for all the different characters she plays?! When watching Orphan Black you forget each clone is played by Tatiana. She brings each character out like no other.

Now for Best Actor in a Drama series

Michael Hall

He brought out Dexter in a whole new way. Sad the series is coming to an end, but season 7 came back thanks to Hall doing an amazing job.

Michael Emerson

* Winner *

Person of Interest is underrated. Michael brought it every scene he was in. How he is and flashbacks were amazing. He deserves to be recognition on his amazing work.

Matthew Rhys

* Winner *

He has my vote for Best Actor. He was amazing on the Americans and what great chemistry with Keri he had.


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