Never Worry

Why look at the “what if.” Why look at your past and think what went wrong, what you could’ve changed? Why look at things we can’t control when our lives are passing past us. We forget sometimes what is important to us and just let things pass us. Life is about what is important to you and what you want life to bring to you. Don’t look at the past or the future; look at what today will bring you. We cannot control the past or what our future holds, what we can do is what this moment holds. Often we don’t move forward instead we look at the past too much to realize that better things are on its way and that we should never worry about what happened in the past because it is there for a reason.

Take things one day at a time, instead of trying to take 10 steps forward, take one step forward. You cannot take a million steps at once and try to get ahead because in the end you will just fall and take 20 steps back instead. Life is not simple; it is not always going to be happy and everything going right. What’s the point of having a life that is perfect, nowhere to grow? When things go wrongs, that’s when our strength comes out. Things may not go right all the time, but we learn from it and whenever the situation comes up again you know exactly what to do to make it better. Each step we take is for the better, each challenge is for us to grow and learn. Never let things get to you, instead learn from it and be blessed for your strength, for which you are, for what you are. Remember to always be blessed with the life you have even when life gets rough.


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