Multiple Shows: Let’s Talk

The Good Wife

The season had a lot of potential, lots of different angles the season could’ve gone. This season didn’t grab me at all, instead I have lost interest in the show. There are some great episodes from this season, but no storyline that grabs my attention and I want more of it. All the storylines for this season have been all over the place, in my opinion. I don’t like the multiple storylines and each character has one at the same time. I want one storyline that fits for all of them. I do love Elisabeth being back for multiple episodes and want her to stay. To me, I think the writers kind of went the easy way out and not move forward with some storylines that I think would have been great, instead they went with the storylines that everyone didn’t really want or care about. What I want to see is for the rest of the season, the campaign to be done and Peter losing, Peter and Alicia being done, more Will and Alicia, more Kalinda and Alicia, and a client that will have to be longer than just one episode.


With a killer season 1, season 2 took it a bit slower. Quite a few episodes kind of lost my interest, that it was quite slow. The storylines where slow or I wanted more of them, but we didn’t. To me, the explosive episode (last episode) was not great like last season. I seen it coming, I think everyone did. We all knew what was going to happen. The entire initiative storyline was a snooze fest for me, didn’t understand it and didn’t care for it. The storylines were just weak, hopefully the last few episodes will be great. I would like to see Emily get back to venges and I would love Jack to know a little but more of Emily and be on her side. I want to see more Emily and Nolan working together and actually telling each other everything and not telling each other until it gets worse.

New Girl

I almost gave up on this show after season 1, but I decided that I should give it one more chance and boy am I glad I did. Season 2 has been great and just getting better. The writing and the characters have been a whole lot better and I love how they give each person a storyline now and not just some. The writers need to keep up the work and give us some more. Can’t wait to see what is in store for the rest of the season.

Person of Interest

One of the most consistent, most underrated, best shows out right now. The show is just amazing! Season 2 is just as good as season 1. I love how they give us so much, but yet so little. We have so many storylines that still have to be told and yet none are really closed. I can’t even choose which episode is my favorite as every episode is my new favorite. The show is addicting, has me at the edge of my seat every episode, and just gets better and better. The actors and the writing is just superb. Got to expect the unexpected with this show. I don’t know and what the show will bring for the rest of season 2, but I am excited to see what is ahead and what will happen.

The Big Bang Theory

This season has been great. Watching the season brings me laughter every episode, the comedy is still there and love the characters. The storylines are just great and get better each time. I love that even though its a comedy the character actually have grown, but yet still are same.


The show had a really short season and I loved it, but I was worried about season 2 and didn’t know what direction it could go. I love the show and each episode just gets better. The acting is just great, even though some are love to hate but want to see more of it. The rest of the season is going to be great and can’t wait to see what is ahead.


The season started out great, but slowed down a bit. Then the two-parter was even better than before and I wanted more. The show has been great and I expect it to be better and the rest of the season I would like to see more Castle and Beckett as a couple and not just partners. I also want Gates to find out about them or be suspicious about them being together.


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