Having Faith

We all at some point in our lives have lost faith and lost hope on life. When things go wrong and you just don’t know what to do anymore we wonder why things happen to us, why it always seems like something will always go wrong. No matter how right something is going we are just waiting for that moment that will ruin everything. In our heads we always think it is impossible for anything going right and that it’s too good to be true. Once things go wrong everything else around us going wrong or slowly sinking, not knowing what is happening and just starring as everything in our lives is falling apart. We don’t know who to blame and feel hurt wondering why things always happen to us. Why we can’t be happy, things go right for a change. With the mist of everything going down we begin to lose faith and just give up, when you should be fighting 10x harder and instead of finding someone/something to blame, blame yourself and find solutions.

Instead of losing faith and giving up on life when things go wrong, have faith. No matter what happens in life never lose your faith, everything happens for a reason. It may not seem at the time, but there is. Whenever things go wrong don’t blame others instead find solutions. Don’t dwell on the problem and speak of the problem find ways that will make the problem go away. If you still talk about your problem then it will get bigger and bigger than what it should be. ‘Don’t talk about it BE ABOUT IT!’ Never fixate on any problem you have, just figure out ways to make the problem disappear.

Sometimes in life we always tend to talk about everything that is going wrong, stop doing this. The solution to it, talk about everything that is going right for you. Look at what life has given you, the simple things because a lot of people don’t have the luxury that you have. Things may not be going right at this very moment, but you best believe everything happens for a reason and if something goes wrong, just remember it’s so you have room for something better that is on its way.

I always say when things go wrong and seems impossible to come out of it, well there is. You may not see it right now at this moment and think it is impossible, but will make sense someday. We get angry and upset on how things go because it’s not how we wanted it to be, but at that moment you wanted it and went the wrong way you wanted it to go. Life is unexpected and your life is not written, it’s something we can’t control. What we can do is have faith in God and he will show us the best way for us. There will be bumps, obstacles on the road, but always know God has a plan for us and we should never question it.



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