Hello World!

It’s been a very very very long time since I wrote to you guys. No update, basically haven’t written nothing these few months. My life has changed dramatically these three months. That my 90 days is up I will like to share what has happened in my life. I also will like to talk about my writing and what will happen to that.

I worked at a hotel for nearly 3 years until I was transferred to another hotel. I was there for about 3 months until I went back to help at the other hotel. For about a month I was working both jobs. It was stressful and tiring working 64 hours a week. I was pushed to my limit and was about to break. Then the unexpected happened. The first hotel I was at and was back to just help that they were short handed, they asked me to become the General Manager at that property. I was so honored and blessed that they asked me. I didn’t see it coming. After my 90 days probation it is now official that I have become the General Manager at this property. It is the biggest achievement I have made thus far and excited to see what is ahead. It hasn’t hit me that 3 months have passed already.

Still working crazy hours it is hard for me to keep up with a lot of shows that I watch so much. By the time I catch up its already the next week and no point into doing a review for the show. After months of finally getting everything settled sort of, I am ready to make a commitment to this blog, to my advice, and to my shows. I will not be able to write everyday with the hours I work, but on Saturday and Sunday I will be able to. These days I usually catch up to everything and with that I will be writing on what I think of the show and what I think might happen. I have been writing advice and am ready to give you guys some of what I think and hope they will help.

So every Saturday and Sunday be on the lookout on my writing. I will be posting promos and sneak peeks everyday still.

Have an amazing day!!



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