Day 28 and 29

One of the biggest things that has happened to me this year was the accomplishments and how far I have come into life. For years, I always compared myself to someone else and each time I did that I always put myself down. It always seemed like that people had there lives together while mine is no where even close to being together. I thought my life was pointless and nothing I do is good enough. Why is that our biggest critic is ourselves? We should never put ourselves down, should never be like this. When 2012 came and I started to notice how little by little things were finally getting pieced together, I didn’t even realize that I just needed patience. My life is exactly how it is suppose to be and I’m happy about that because I wouldn’t have gotten where I am now if it wasn’t for what I had went through. I have accomplished more than I could imagine in just one year. From deciding what career path I want to go into, to the job, to my classes, and to the places I’ve gone and can no a place a check on my bucket list. I have accomplished a lot this past year, but I’m more excited to what is ahead.


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