Day Twenty-Six

One thing I learned about myself this year is that I have a passion in giving back. That may sound weird and maybe doesn’t make sense, so I’m going to explain it. Every since I was younger I knew I wanted to give back, but always said once I become rich I will begin. This year with all the tragedies that have happened and will continue, I knew that I can start off by doing something small and work my way into something bigger. What I want to do is help someone anyone in need by buying there coffee, groceries, a bill, etc. Someone could be struggling, having a bad day, lost a close family/friend member, anything could happen to the person behind you in a Starbucks. For me, I like to pay for the person behind me so they can start their morning/afternoon on a good note. Maybe they were being negative towards the world and then BAM they see there are still kind people out there and they spread that positivity. I believe when something so small begins, it will turn into something big and then become even bigger and then the world will heal from all the negativity that has been happening around the world.

61410_552774531414897_741210273_n tumblr_m70e5r0Y0k1r7kp3mo1_500


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