Day 24 and 25

These days I decided to put them together as it is something big that made 2012 such an amazing year for me. That would be my relationship with God. The reason I say this is because years ago I would tell you that I did go to church and prayed every night. That’s not what a relationship with God is though. It’s good that I do that, but I also need to talk to God. I learned that this year and not only did I talk to him when things were going wrong, but also when things were going right.

Everyday is a struggle and its tough, but we don’t want that struggle to burden us. Instead of giving up and saying this is gonna be a bad day and long one. Try saying even though I’m going to struggle I’m not going to let it control my mood, my day, because I know God is more powerful than the struggle. Why be negative when being positive takes the same amount effort?!

I know somedays I do feel down and sad and over-think, but I try and still growing to saying I know I feel like this now but God knows what’s best and I will not be sad about anything that I am here living on this earth and that is a blessing.


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