Day 22nd

We are well bast the half way through this and it does get tougher. This was a tough way to do today’s day. I was thinking all day and then it hit me. Something that I really liked about this year was my life. The way I look at life and making something about it is something I would ever imagine myself doing. I try to be a positive person towards others, but the thing that always held me back was me being negative towards myself. That doesn’t make sense to be a positive person.

No matter what happens in my life I know that it happens for a reason. Life isn’t perfect and for that we will struggle, but that struggle is so we could be stronger and be wiser. I have learned that no matter what happens it will always work out. Always be blessed and thankful even when things don’t go right. This year I have learned that I have need to be do things to make things happen and not wait for things to happen. Live life to the fullest

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