Day 18 & 19

Some days I like to combine them, if you haven’t noticed because they were such a big part of me that I want to put it as two days instead of one. So for the eighteenth and nineteenth day I have combined them.

The one thing that means the most to me and how much this year has been better thanks for them. Most of my memories are about my family and how we are super close. I love them so much and honesty don’t know where I would be without them. My favorite memories are all with them and they make me so happy when I’m around them. The best family anyone could ask for.

My family is not just my family they are my friends, my inspiration, and my motivation. They help me out so much it’s crazy that when I feel stuck I always think what they would do and do it because my family is successful and that’s what I want for myself. They are the ones who care for me and show me love and I do the same for them. My family is my favorite people ever.




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