Seventeenth Day

This past year was a big learning experience for me. I learned so much and did some growing up. Usually when we say we grew from situations or from the past few months, we know we did, but sometimes it is hard to see it.I know I say that I have matured and am wiser or getting wiser, but this past year I don’t know what it is, I just know that I did. The reason is a year ago I was not the same person, I know I wasn’t. I wanted to be a positive person for others, but never looked at how negative I am towards myself which I am contradicting myself and I never knew that. It took me a while to realize that I always wanted to help others, but never really take the time to help myself. I started to look and find myself and it took a while, took tears, heartbreak, sadness, joy, happiness to finally find myself and who I am. One thing I did learn from this year is that I can’t force anything, I can’t fix something by forcing it to stick. We can’t live life as we control it, we do by the words we speak of ourselves and that’s where it all starts. Thinking positive about your life and just being positive in general will give you a life you could never imagine. You will have joy and happiness. I don’t choose which days I want to be happy or let things get to me, I choice everyday no matter what the problem is that I will come out stronger and be happy. Why should we have negative in our lives when it is the same amount of energy to be positive. Don’t talk about the problem and let the problem be you, be the solution of the problem and fix it. One thing I always do is always be nice to someone because you never know how you have changed there life or even mood for that day. Be positive to yourself and pass it along to someone else! positive-3 The_Power_Of_Being_Positive_1 531066_497841673589273_169019739_n

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