Eleventh Day

That everyday so far, I have been doing my new obsessions and what 2012 has given me. The eleventh day will be about one of my favorite places that I had visited. I went to a lot of amazing cities this year and it I would love to live at each and everyone of them. There was one city that I fell hard for and loved everything about it. There is so much history, so much life, and so much amazing things to see. When I went I went to the bar for the first time, had my first Samuel Adams beer, went to Harvard, went on my first public bus transportation, and so many more. I am talking about Boston, one of the best cities in my eyes. Everything about Boston is great, the places to see, the people are so friendly, the places to eat, and so much more. The food was just amazing, I ate the best lobster at legal seafood. I still remember the taste and how the lobster just melted in my mouth. I never liked beer, but that the city is known for Samuel Adams I couldn’t just pass it up and not taste it. It is now the only beer I drink, it is the best and it tastes so good. Going to Harvard and actually able to say I walked in Harvard is so big, the smartest college in America. It was gorgeous! The thing that I loved the most was the history. We read about it in our history class, but actually walking and seeing the history was incredible. It’s something that I will never forget. Boston is my favorite city and love everything about it, and best believe that I will go back!






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