Day Nine

The ninth day was suppose to be for yesterday, I had forgotten all about this. Hectic week for me. So I’m doing day nine today.

The ninth day, my new obsession is Ellen Degeneres. She is such an inspiration and is hilarious. I watch her show every morning at work and brightens my day. Her entire show is awesome, there is nothing I don’t like. I love watching the guest stars on her show because I can’t wait for there reactions when Ellen scares them. I honestly have no idea how she keeps a straight face and keeps the conversation going when someone is in a suit about to scare the guest. Not only is she funny, she is also such a warm and giving person. She gives so much to people and doesn’t even hesitate about helping out. What she does I hope I do someday in my life, when I have a ton load of money. Giving back is something everyone should do and what Ellen does is amazing. She is such a great person, I hope one day I get to meet her and tell her how awesome she is.


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