Sixth Day

Day five I dedicated it to my younger sister. She is crazy and that’s what I love about her. She inspires me everyday.

Day four was about my older sister. She has done so much for me and is an inspiration.

Day Three was about my new obsession, Joel Osteen. Such a motivator, has taught so much about life and about myself.

Day two was me being close to God. He has changed my life and have become so much closer to God.

Day one is about my job. I have evolved in a strong person thanks to my job. Learned so much thanks to my work.

On the sixth day I am dedicating it to one of my biggest inspirations and obsessions, Miss Marilyn Monroe. She is such an icon, an inspiration, a motivation, and what she has done is remarkable. I don’t like her for what everyone else likes her, but I love the way she thought about life and how her perspective she had about life. Everyone sees her as a troubled actress, but I saw her as a motivator, a person who had a troubled past and didn’t allow it to control her. She was a woman who had nothing and no body and became one of the biggest actresses ever. People still talk about her, people still have her in shows/movies, she is mentioned everywhere. People turned her down and thought she had no talent, but she did and she was great at it. I look at Marilyn as inspiration and to never stop at anything and follow my dreams. If she can do it then so can I, anything is possible. Truly she is my inspiration, motivator, and my obsession. Anything with Marilyn Monroe I love.

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