Day Three

Day two was on God. I have became closer to God and all my problems I have given to him because I can’t afford to stress over things that I can’t control. He has taught me to not just pray when bad things come, but pray when good things happen. He has taught me to be blessed everyday and be a positive person.

Day one was my work. My job has changed my life for the better and have become a stronger person. No matter what this job has me become the person I am today. I am strong and know a lot of a business now thanks to my job.

The third day I have a new obsession and that is Joel Osteen. My whole perspective on life has changed thanks to him. My cousin told me about him and I saw how much he changed her life and how she looks at life, so I decided to look into him. I found one video on youtube, I was depressed and didn’t know how to get out it. I just wanted to give up on everything, but I decided to watch his video and once I did my entire perspective on life changed. I learned that I gave myself the defeat and let negativity get the best of me. After that video I made myself a note that anytime I become depressed I watch one of his videos and stop myself and think positive thoughts and not let negative thoughts creep in. I read one of his books, I Declare and it has changed my life. Joel is an inspiration, my new obsession, and my new way to look at life. Thank you Joel for what you do.


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