Day One

Today is the first of December, which means it is the day I will start my 31 days of Life Changes. Everyday I will post anything that has changed my life, my travels, my obsessions, my new obsessions, my goals, and anything that has changed my life. This will be different than my thankful days and I will post one of these everyday and not forget. I also, will be creative on how to post pictures and I will post them everyday around 9pm.

Day one: Something that has changed my life is my work. Weird as that may sound and some might think work can’t do that, but for me it has. A year ago if someone told me that I will be where I am right now, I would laugh at their face and say ‘in a million years.’ The job I have I was there for over 3 years, in those years I complained and was miserable and just wanted to get out of the job. I always said the job was temporary and it’s good for now. This past year, it got so bad that I wanted to leave and I did start looking for a new job. I didn’t get the job, but did get out of the job I was at and got to a new property. After that I went to a few more properties and helped out a lot. I finally settled at a property and I really enjoyed it there. It was the same position, same pay, but only difference different location and different people. I enjoyed working there and seeing my co-workers. After about two months, my old job needed me back and I decided to help out there for as long as they needed me. I was working both jobs. Long story short, I got promoted and now am at the same job I originally started at. Would I have been here if I didn’t go through all this? Was this my faith the entire time?

I believe so, I believe I wouldn’t have ended where I am right now if it wasn’t for each step I have taken. Each step was so I could end up where I am right now. My work has changed my life because not only am I happy, but my responsibilities are way higher and I have grown so much from work. If it wasn’t for my job I wouldn’t have been this outgoing, the person I am today. So blessed and grateful for what this job has done for me. Something so small turning into something so big and so important to me, I would never imagine it. Hard work really does pay off. Once you work hard on something and it seems impossible, just be patient because bigger things are in store. workhardhard work pays off


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