Thankful Day 3

Day 3 I am thankful for my parents. Everyone says they have the best parents and how no parent is better than there’s. I can say I have the best parents in the world because to me they are, but I’m going to go into more detail on why they are the best. When I was younger my parents didn’t let me join sports, hangout with my friends, or go on some field trips. I use to be pissed and mad at them when I didn’t get to do what the other kids were allowed to do, but now looking back I understand why they did. Not only have they shaped me into who I am today, they also set me morals and goals in life. I was so focused on hanging out with my friends when I had my best friends in my cousins and sisters. They taught what is right and what is wrong, taught me that it is okay to be different from everyone else, to be who I am not what everyone wants me to be. I am thankful that they have grounded me and made me strong. Thankful for be overly protected and strict to show me how much they care about me. Even though someday’s it is annoying, I know they are doing it out of love and just worried for me. This why I love my parents so much and hope one day when I’m a parent, I am half of what they were to me. I know I will never be a great parent like them because they truly are the best. I love my parents and thankful and blessed to have them in my life.


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