Tonight is Great… For Television

Tonight is the night to sit and relax and watch amazing shows. Lots of shows will be having great guests stars, storylines, aftermaths, all the above. So what shows am I really looking forward to?!

The Good Wife 9pm CBS

The show maybe delayed due to football, but tonight’s episode I’m looking forward to. This episode is directed by Josh Charles, as we all know him Will Gardner. It is his first directorial in the series, so I’m looking forward to what he has done. This episode is the debut of Amanda Peet and the law firm is defending her. We also get back one of my favorite judges, if you recall “in my opinion” judge Charles. We also get judge Leora aka the military judge who hates Will. From what we saw last week from Maddie Hayward looks like Alicia and her will be enemies.

Revenge 9pm ABC

Tonight’s episode will be crazy as it is the episode where Victoria and Conrad marry each other. We will see what will happen when Emily finds out that Mason is on to Fauxmanda. That Aiden has teamed up with Daniel to take Nolan’s money, will Aiden get hurt by Emily and how will Daniel feel when he finds out Aiden is with Emily?!

Homeland 10pm SHOWTIME

Each episode just gets better and better. This is episode is going to be just as great and I’ve been waiting for this episode because how will Brody handle being a double agent. Will he be able to handle it? I hope he doesn’t slip up with Abu Nazir. Will Abu Nazir ever find out? What will happen if he finds out?

Dexter 9pm SHOWTIME

With only 6 episodes to go these 6 will be the break or make or the season. The season so far has been great and I’ve really enjoyed it. I like that they went in a different route with 2 killers instead of just one. And actually have a female killer. Usually the killers are male, but I like the twist.

Once Upon A Time 8pm ABC

We finally get to meet Jorge as the giant in the bean stock. We also will see hook and which side he really is on. Maybe that isn’t hook maybe it’s Cora acting like hook. We never will know until later. We finally get the backstory of Emma. I’m way too excited for this. Maybe get closer to figuring out who Henry’s father is.


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