Hey Y’all

Hey you how have you been? Haven’t really updated what I’ve been up to and what I have in store. Working two jobs, both 4-5 days each week takes a toll on you.

It’s very difficult to balance everything because that is just impossible. With everything I have going on, I had to cut something down. Unfortunately one of them is writing reviews. I know you have noticed I haven’t and I apologize, but it’s very difficult to watch a show live when I’m falling asleep before 10pm.

As of now, I’m going to school full time, working at a hotel 4 days(being up at 5 am), working at another hotel for 4 days, trying to write, and keep up with my shows. With all this on my plate, I do think I’m keeping up really well, even though some shows take me a few days to watch.

My dreams are on hold on what I want to do with this new blog. I’m still in search for a third person. If your one email and I can tell you more about the new blog. I’ve been writing all day today so might put up an advice today or tomorrow.

How have you been? What’s new? Life stressing you out?


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